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Kaordica's way of working

We use techniques such as design sprints to deliver the best result with websites, apps and softwares, meeting the strategic objectives of your business and the needs of your customers.


Bring the knowledge about your market to identify opportunities and set the guidelines for the work.

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Applies their design expertise to transform your knowledge into actionable results.

Recent work

At the moment we’re recreating our website to show all of ours past projects… until that’s done, it’s worth to take a look at the last projects we finished:

Data Hackers

With an astonishing growth of 44,7% in the first 28 days of the new site live, the Data Hackers community managed to realize its potential with an unique site that aggregates data from all of its channels.

See it live

Novida Consultoria

Novida’s goal was to position itself as a solid, exclusive and trustworthy brand for families looking for a safe financial future… We created a narrative and visual design that highlight their exclusivity. The result you find in the link below 😄

See it live

Creativity and professionalism marked the work carried out by Kaordica.

Foto de Juan Schiavo

Juan Schiavo Founder, For You Jewels

The people at Kaordica, as well as great designers, are excellent listeners, and translated my words into a beautiful website with an excellent performance.

Foto de Vitorino Oliveira

Vitorino Oliveira CEO, Recicla.Club

The result of the work of Kaordica far surpassed the expectations of our team!

Foto de Bruno Carneiro

Bruno Carneiro CEO,

What does “Kaordica” means?

Our name derives from the concept of Chaordic Systems:

A chaordic organization refers to a system that mixes characteristics of chaos and order.

Ordem Caos Caordico

The term, coined by Dee Hock - founder and ex-CEO of Visa - defines our way of working and organizing the company.

We maintain a decentralized organization, without hierarchy, yet far from anarchy. We seek to create a fertile environment for creativity, innovation and constant reinvention, but without loss of focus or efficiency.

This allows us to learn fast, execute very well and constantly evolve.

How may we help you?

Vitor Henrique


Foto de Vitor Henrique

Vitor not only has deep understanding of how users will interact with online businesses, creating great UX, but he can also make any interface beautiful.

I don't bite!

Henrique Cavalieri

Web Development

Foto de Henrique Cavalieri

Henrique is a PC nerd since his first steps, and knows the web like no one else. He’ll help you bringing your idea into life with the best technology:

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Tales Menezes

UX & Copywriting

Foto de Tales Menezes

Tales has vast experience with content curation and presentation coaching, making him invaluable when it comes to creating narratives from your brand to your users!

Present yourself 😄

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